AFK Arena: List of Redemption Codes and How To Find More of Them

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AFK Arena is Lilith Games’ immensely popular idle RPG for the iOS and Android platforms, where you manage your team and they battle it out against the computer, against other players, and a whole lot more on the way to earning more diamonds, gold, boosts, and a whole host of other goodies.

You have a ton of free Redemption Codes, or gift codes that you can enter in order to redeem prizes. There are more of them added all the time, so we’ll list out all of the ones worth knowing.

Read on for a list of redemption codes for AFK Arena and information on how to find more of them!

First up is how to get there. Make sure to tap on your avatar, then tap on the settings button. Now, tap on the settings tab, and finally, tap on the Redemption Code button.

Once you do that, a pop up screen will prompt you to type in a Redemption Code. Type in whatever code you want and then send it. Different codes are longer or shorter so there is no set length.

One of the best places to find more codes is on the official social media channels for the developer, Lilith Games, as well as for the game itself. AFK Arena constantly has new codes added since their developers love to run promotions for holidays, and even for new games that have been released.

This includes both Facebook and Twitter, as well as other social media platforms that you can find Lilith or AFK Arena on. Look around all of the channels that you can for more redemption codes so that you can redeem gifts.

Another great place to look is on Reddit. The official subreddit for the game has a ton of codes, so look for them and you’ll find working ones before long. The subreddit is extremely active so there are constantly new codes being shared by players.

Check out the Discord channels, as well. Type Redemption Codes (or some variation, such as Gift Code, Promo Code, or Redeem Code) into the search bar, so that you can weed out unrelated chatter and look at a higher speed for codes. Plus, the Discord bot often shares codes of its own.

As follows, here is a list of current redemption codes:














Here are some Youtuber codes:






The following codes are expired, but many of them can be modified to guess at future codes in the year 2020 and beyond (just change the year when it’s a year based code):





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