AFK Arena: Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

AFK Arena is a new idle RPG for the iOS and Android platforms where your team fights automatically (hence the AFK portion of the name). Your role is as the manager of the team.

You recruit new heroes, upgrade your heroes and their weapons and equipment, and send them into different battles, dungeons, and more. You can earn coins, essence, diamonds, and more along the way.

Read on for some tips and tricks for AFK Arena!

Your heroes are always fighting and earning gold coins and essence, but they’re not progressing forward unless you hit the battle button and begin a battle. Hit the auto button to allow them to use their skills automatically.

You can also double the speed of battle, but that doesn’t unlock until later in the game. When you pass level 3-36, you’ll unlock the ability to double the speed of the battle. Go through battles quickly to get this sooner.

You can always go back to a previous level once you pass level 1 and more. All you have to do is go to the world map and pick a previously-picked world. The main point of this is if a level has a specific drop that you are looking for.

The primary method of powering up your heroes is equipping them, so fill up all of their equipment slots ASAP. After that, your main method of upgrading your heroes is leveling them up.

To do this, go to the heroes tab, and you can either tap to level them up once, or hold the button down to level them up multiple times in a row. A confirmation popup shows up every tenth level, because it’s more expensive and it gives your hero a skill upgrade.

Normally in games like this, the red exclamation point means you have something to collect, but in this game, they show up way too frequently. When a red exclamation pops up over gifts, events, and quests, though, that means that you have something to collect, so go collect your free rewards.

Go through your bag once in awhile and tap on any of your items that isn’t grayed out in order to see what they do. These items tend to be scrolls, elite hero soulstones, and other items that allow you to either summon new heroes or upgrade your existing ones.

Other items of interest include event items – for example, Easter eggs during Easter. These can be spent in the limited time stores that pop up during specific events, so spend them before they go away.

Once you complete stage 1-12, you’ll be able to enter Ranhorn, which is your main city. This is where you can summon new heroes in the Tavern. You can also upgrade your equipment here.

For equipment upgrades, you’ll want to hold off until you really need them, so you don’t waste upgrade material on common equipment. Save it for at least the rare equipment – that’s the equipment that’s likely to stick around on your character the longest.

Once you unlock Ranhorn, you’ll be able to ascend a hero as well. This upgrades their star level, but in order to do this, you need two identical heroes of the same rarity. So even if you have two heroes who are identical, but their rarities are different, they won’t be able to ascend.

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