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Afterpulse – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Win, and Strategy Guide

Afterpulse is a new shooter by Gamevil and Digital Legends, the company behind Respawnables. It’s the closest thing to a console- and PC-quality shooter that has been released on the iOS platform. There is literally no story in the game, it’s all about multiplayer deathmatches where you shoot the crap out of other players, open cases with special guns, and then shoot more players. Read on for some tips and tricks for Afterpulse!

When you begin the game, all that will be open is the training mode. Play the training mode and level up – it’s just like multiplayer mode but with bots instead of humans, so it’s good training, and it’s good for racking up some coins and gold so that you can get some more good gear.

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Experiment with different types of weapons to figure out what suits your style best. Automatic rifles are great for spraying bullets and causing havoc. Sniper rifles are the best for when you want to creep around, get on the scope, catch an enemy off guard, and blow them away in one or two shots. No matter what you are using, though, always be moving around so that you are never a sitting target.

To evolve a weapon into a rarer version of itself, you will need two of the same weapon at the same star rating, one being max level, the other being any level. Then you’ll need a third weapon, same star rating but any weapon will work. Then you can evolve it. To fuse weapons and get a random weapon of a higher star rating, you will need one max-level weapon of any star rating, and one or more weapons of the same star rating, any weapon at any level.

You’ll get quite a bit of free gold, so you can get into the premium case game even if you do not want to spend any money on gold. The case types change every so often, depending on the recent events, but rare case buys don’t cost too much gold. Balance out your weapon and gear buys depending on your most pressing needs. Good gear is especially important if you prefer SMGs, which are better for close-range battle. Not so much for sniper rifles.

Learn each map. Take a few training rounds to wander around the map, study it, remember where you can hide and what the spawn points are, as well as where you can run to if you are getting pursued. The better that you know a map, the more of an advantage you’ll have against anybody that you play against.