Age of Ishtaria: Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategies

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Age of Ishtaria is a new RPG for the iOS and Android platforms – at least in the US, as it’s been around elsewhere for a little while. This mobile RPG, unlike most, has a very creative and active battle system where you make various move combinations in order to deal massive attack damage to either enemies or to other players in the PvP modes. Read on for some tips and tricks for Age of Ishtaria!

There are a ton of ways to improve your attacking party, and the main way is to power up the cards inside it. You can enhance a card by picking one card, then picking a number of cards to sacrifice, paying Gimmel, and letting your sacrifice cards power up your gaining card. Sacrifice your more common cards to power up your rarer cards,

Evolving your cards is done by combining two identical cards into a rarer form of that same card. It’s recommended to enhance them first in order to give them the highest base stats to work with. Limit breaking a card allows you to spend spirit gems to enhance the stats beyond their limits, and can be done when the card reaches 1,000 loyalty.

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The game tells you that you should modify your party yourself, and that the automatic party selector will not give you the strongest party. This is not true unless you’re trying to come up with specific attack combinations for your party, since the team automatically populates based on the best numbers possible.

If the auto party populating system screws you out of support or multi attacks, go back and make a new party with at least one of each, preferably two of one or two of each, so that you can have diverse moves. Crumple, for example, is a very important attack because decreasing the weight of an enemy makes it much easier to polish them off. Multi combos allow you to deal swiftly with multiple lightweight enemies.

Participate in the events and the raid boss fights as often as possible and whenever you see them, as these are both limited time events, and they carry some of the best possibilities to earn rare stuff in the entire game. This includes opportunities for rare summons (silver and gold) and more Ishtarian Crowns.

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