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Age of Sparta – Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategy Guide

Age of Sparta is a new real-time strategy game by Gameloft for the iOS and Android platforms. While it might look a bit like a Clash of Clans at first, this one is closer to something like Age of Warring Empire, Your goal is to build Sparta up to the glory that caused it to inspire a series of 300 movies, with a gigantic army and an expanding influence as you conquer other territories by defeating rival generals. Read on for some tips and tricks for Age of Sparta!

Lots of things remain off limits until you gain a certain number of levels, so to gain levels as quickly as possible, go to the quests menu and figure out what to do next. Then, complete the quests as quickly as possible to speed up your gaining of experience points. The faster you level up, the faster that you unlock all of the good stuff.

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In addition, completing quests is the quickest way to earn gems for free; otherwise, you end up paying real life money for them, and that can get expensive rather quickly. Don’t bother spending the gems to speed up construction of a building, or to get more coins quickly. Only use them on more effective or exclusive boosts.

The best thing to unlock, of course, is the ability to fuse troops. Once you hit level 8, go to the barracks and you will be able to fuse troops by merging two of the same troop together. You can merge troops up to four times, four levels deep, and by the time you do this they will be far more powerful than they were to begin with. You will need a ton of coins to do this, so go grind on old missions in the campaign mode for some quick coins.

Many of the quests will require different boosters to be placed, but you’ll end up running out of room fast if that’s all you do. After you use them for quests, get rid of the ones that you don’t need, and get rid of the roads as they are all over the place, but are hardly necessary to completing the mission. Get rid of the trees too for even more extra room, or shove them off into a corner.

Different troops have different strengths and weaknesses, meaning that pitting the right troops against each other is key to winning the tough battles. Have many of every type of troop so that when you hit auto-battle, they will automatically populate in the right order against rival troops. In addition, tap on the buffs or nerfs that you see around during the battle, and tap on the projectiles coming from the enemy side to prevent them from hurting your troops.