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Age of Warring Empire (iOS/Android) Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Age of Warring Empire is a new MMO strategy game by Silent Ocean/ELEX Wireless for the iOS and Android platforms. It’s one of the top grossing apps there is now, appealing to fans of games such as Spartan Wars or Kingdoms of Camelot, with your goal being to go from gathering resources and training troops, to forming alliances and attempting to take over the map that you are playing on. Read on for some tips and tricks for Age of Warring Empire!

Starting off, much of the game will be unlocked until you gain enough experience levels to unlock it (for example, the market will be locked until Lord’s level 5). Leveling up involves collecting prestige, which can only be done through upgrading buildings. So use your limited amount of VIP time at the beginning of the game (which adds one construction slot) to pull off as many upgrades as possible in the short amount of time that you have with it.

Right from the beginning, level up your generals heavily by first, training as many troops as possible, and then sending your generals into the tower. Don’t send your heroes into the tower without the maximum amount of troops. At any time in between rounds you can exit the tower (or simply shut off the app, then reopen it and go back into the tower) and increase the number of troops that your hero has, helping you to go for much longer in the towers.

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Try to get as many people to enter your invite code as you can because the more that people enter your code, the more free gold coins that you can get. Post your invite code on the comments of this article to try to get people to use it.

You can enter someone else’s invite code either when you begin the game, or at any time, for bonus gold coins; however, when you do enter someone else’s code and you already have a kingdom, you’ll get shifted to the inviter’s server and lose all of your progress. To fix this, go to the options menu, then go to account, and change your world back to your old world. It will either be the newest world, or if you have been playing for awhile, it will be the second or even third newest world, so keep trying until you find your account.

Don’t use your catapults when you are in the tower, because they won’t get the 20% city bonus, and they’re expensive, so it will cost a lot of resources in order to get them back. Use your archers, infantry and your cavalry instead, and save the catapults for attacking NPC strongholds or another player’s kingdom.

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