Age of Warring Empire Tips and Cheats Guide, Part 3: Rare Heroes, Defense, Treasures, and More

By | 20130724

Welcome to part 3 of the tips and tricks guide to Age of Warring Empire! Click here to go back to part 2 of the guide.

Heroes who have more than 1 star (especially the three, four and five-star rare heroes) will have base stats that are FAR higher than common heroes. If you only have one hero with sky high stats, concentrate on leveling up that hero as high as you can. Train only one kind of troop in your barracks, but train that troop in sky high numbers so that you can assign them all to that one hero. Send only that hero out for attacking towers or for attacking wilds, strongholds, and cities (when possible – sometimes you’ll have to use multiple heroes against more powerful adversaries).

To properly defend your city, you have to station your heroes and troops at the city wall in order for them to actually be useful for defending your city, otherwise they won’t battle attackers at all. If you are trying to shore up your troops, though, and it’s going to take a long time, keep them off the wall. Add additional defenses by going to the fortifications and constructing traps, iron caltrops, spiked obstacles and rolling logs in order to stymie enemy troops.

Due to the game being made in China, the daily counter resets every day between 3:00 PM and 4:00 PM pacific time. Once the daily counter resets, the app will start to freeze up. Close it and then reopen it, and you will get the daily bonus, as well as one free lottery spin, one free gem search, and one free go at the tower.

When you have a turn at the tower, make sure that there is a free hero slot before you go in. If your heroes are all maxed out, and you earn a new hero (at floor 20, 40, 60, and 80) you won’t get that new hero, but if you have a free hero slot, you’ll earn the rare hero as a reward.

If you have extremely high numbers of troops, look for the gold mountain in the regional map, called the “Treasure”. Try to occupy it, and if you succeed, you will earn free gold coins as well as rare and powerful treasures as a reward. If you can’t find the wilds or strongholds that you want, wait until the NPC refresh and brand new wilds will pop up in all of the unoccupied spots on the regional map.