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Agent Alice – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Agent Alice is a new hidden object game for the iOS and Android platforms. You play as the eponymous character, a seasoned detective with a seemingly endless batch of murder mysteries on her hands to solve. The game switches back and forth between hidden object game play and puzzles, in a quest to solve some truly heinous crimes. Read on for some tips and tricks for Agent Alice!

There are many episodes for you to play, and each episode has three or four different stages. When going for more stars, play one stage over and over so that you memorize where everything is. The faster that you complete a stage, the quicker you will earn the stars and the more overall points you will earn. After multiple times playing the same stage over and over, it will be easy to memorize where everything is.

Energy can be in fairly short supply in this game. After you use up all of your energy, switch to completing the puzzles in order to solve the crimes, because every time that you complete a puzzle, you will earn free energy as a bonus. In addition, energy is restored with time, so wait a little bit and your energy will be fully restored.

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There are multiple episodes to this game, and they take quite a bit of data to download. Make sure that you are on a Wi-Fi connection rather than trying to download it by your cellular data or you will rack up some pretty hefty bills. The only exception is if you are with Sprint or another provider with unlimited data.

Go back and try to earn as many stars as you can even if you don’t need to. Earning stars will also give you more free in game cash as a bonus. Using the in game cash and you can purchase more hints. You can also choose to refill your energy without waiting for it if you run out, although arguably it is more worth it to simply wait for your energy to come back on it’s own.

After you earn all three stars on one stage, eventually there will be even more stars available. It takes some time in order to unlock them, though. You have to wait until a specific set of requests is complete, which differs with each additional star that you might want to unlock. In addition, go to later stages and earned three stars on them too, and your quest for the fourth Star will be advanced.