Airport City for Facebook: FAQ, Walkthrough, and Beginner’s Guide

By | 20111014

Welcome to Airport City, the new Facebook game where you manage your city and build your airport up from a brand-new little flight strip to a world-class center of commerce and flight! Airport City can seem tough and complicated at first, but with this beginner’s guide, you should be off to building your superstar airport in no time.

There are three main buildings that you will need in your town. The first are the residential buildings, which provide you passengers and increase the population of your city. The second are the commercial buildings, which earn you money over certain periods of time. The third and most important are the power plants, which provide electricity to all of your other buildings. Power plants do not need to be connected to any sort of street to operate, but residential and commercial buildings do need to be connected to the road to operate. You also have a town hall, and at some point, you will need to upgrade your town hall in order to increase your population. The amount of commercial buildings you can build depends on your total population, so really, all things center around the town hall, in a way. Like the power plants, this does not need to be connected to a road.

Your airport starts off with one hangar, one plane and one runway. You can build as many runways as you want without any upgrades, and you can build two hangars to start off with, but you need to build a control tower in order to build more than two hangars, and you need to upgrade the control tower to earn additional hangars. Upgrades to the control tower and other buildings will be unlocked as you gain additional experience levels. You also have a terminal, which controls the maximum amount of passengers that can be lined up waiting for flight. Upgrading this increases the maximum passengers that you can collect from your residential buildings.

Gaining experience can be done three ways in this game. The first way is to send flights out. When they get back, you will gain the amount of experience points that is allotted to the specific type of flight that you sent out. You can also accept landing aircraft when prompted by the air traffic controllers (this icon will show up in the top right corner of your game window). The third and final way is to complete quests. There’s never a shortage of quests, and this is the quickest way to gain experience in the game, usually, since many of the quests don’t take as long to complete as longer flights do.

If you don’t know what to do next, your best bet is to click on the missions that are listed down the side of your game screen and complete them. Not only does this approach not really require much thinking, but you’ll progress very quickly in the game this way.

Congratulations – you are now ready to build a legendary Airport City!

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