Alice of Hearts Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, cheats and strategies

Alice of Hearts is a severely underrated new iPhone and Android game based around the Alice in Wonderland/Through the Lookingglass mythos. It takes place, as you might guess, in the land on the other side of the mirror, and you play as Alice. With the help of the various Egos that you can create, your goal is to do battle against some of the traditional Wonderland creatures and progress through. Read on for some tips and tricks for Alice of Hearts!

The battle mode consists of placing poker cards down on what looks like a chess or a scrabble board, and your method of attacking your rivals is to use your cards to make poker hands. The better the hand, the more damage you do. The damage follows the traditional order of poker hands, with one exception: a three of a kind does more damage than a two pair does. Two pair doesn’t do much more damage than just one pair.

Concentrate on trying to make three of a kind, a flush or a straight. They are common enough to be easy to come by, but strong enough that a few of them can take out an enemy in short order. In addition, flushes allow you to simply tack on another card of the same suit during the next turn. Of course, this can work both ways, which is why it’s good to play defense and stick an off-suited card on the side of an enemy’s flush line to thwart their efforts at flushes.

Save your booster cards, though, until you fight in tougher battles where you might need to use them, or until you decide to switch the difficulty levels. For the beginning of the game, the battles are so easy that you won’t need them.

Also, check your Ego’s equipment every once in awhile, and you’ll see all of the weapons that you pick up from battles, that you can then equip. Use this screen to figure out what category of weapons you can equip before you go to the store and start buying new weapons. Sell all of the weapons that you can’t keep, though, and you’ll get a lot of easy extra coins.

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