Alice In Wonderland: A New Champion – FAQ, Walkthrough, Wiki and Beginner’s Guide

Alice In Wonderland: A New Champion is a look back into the story of not only the Lewis Carroll original, but the world of the recent Alice in Wonderland. This new Disney smash hit sports Tim Burtonesque graphics, new characters (Lewis and Carroll), who are inserted into a whole new, yet still strangely familiar, storyline. The game plays like a cross between FrontierVille, an interactive story game and a scavenger hunt. Read on for the beginner’s guide to Alice In Wonderland: A New Champion!

Right as you begin the game, you are thrust into the midst of the story. Mainly, what it consists of is searching for various items and completing quests. You can search manually by looking over the stage for each item, or you can go to the quests in the lower left corner of the screen. Go there and you’ll see exactly what you need to do in order to complete each quest.

Another component of completing quests is the use of Possibility Potions. Tap the search button and you’ll be shown where you can clear the Tulgey Wood (the red heart tiles). Initially you will only be able to clear the Tulgey Wood when there is a quest-related reason to do so. If there isn’t, then the game will give you a pop up telling you to save your potions. Later on in the game, though, you will be able to use your Possibility Potions any time that you want to.

Almost every item inside the game’s world can be interacted with. This even includes the items that don’t actually give you anything, such as the talking plants in the lower left hand corner of the tea party area. Tap on anything else and you’ll see some informative, and usually whimsical, dialogue to describe it.

Your two main currencies in the game are silver, which is used for buying decorations and other goods, and gold, which is mainly used to buy rare items and speed ups. Gold can speed up any job that you’re doing in the game, but the longer the job takes, the more gold that you will need in order to complete it.

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