Alice In Wonderland: A New Champion – Part 2 of the FAQ, Walkthrough, Wiki and Beginner’s Guide

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As you complete quests, you’ll unlock more areas that you can go in the game. The first new area that you can unlock is Marmoreal, the home of the White Queen. There’s more exploration to do here, as well as more areas of Tulgey Wood where you can use your Possibility Potions to search. Initially, though, just like back in the Tea Party area, you can only use them to search areas that will actually further an active quest.

Later on, as you complete more quests in Marmoreal, you’ll unlock the Royal Alchemy Table, where you can craft various items. The potion that will get the most frequent use is the Possibility Potion, of course, since it’s used for exploration. Other goods, though include the Vigor Jolt Potion and the Candle, as well as more goods as you complete more quests.

The Tree of Impossible Things is where all of the fun “impossible things” such as the un-brella reside. The tree has a more important function, though. You can get Wonders from it. Wonders are what are needed in order to get important items, especially Possibility Potions, meaning that with both this and the Royal Alchemy Table unlocked, you can get as many Possibility Potions as you want.

At this point, this is where you can explore the Tulgey Wood all you want, no matter if you have any reason to do so or not. Keep in mind, however, that there really isn’t much to find in the Tulgey Wood if have nothing quest-related to find. The quest-related objects won’t show up without the quest actually being active.

You can also unlock the Silver Merchant in Marmoreal, which is the main way to earn more silver. Even though you won’t need to buy anything with silver for awhile, you won’t have any ways to earn silver until you unlock the Merchant. She can buy various items from you for Silver, mostly crafting items. That’s what the Vigor Potion and the Candles from the Alchemy Table are good for.

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