All Guns Blazing – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

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All Guns Blazing is a new rail shooter-card battling hybrid for the iOS and Android. This new smash hit was actually developed by former employees of Rare and Eurocom who worked on the original Goldeneye 007 (not any of the sequels or remakes, the legendary Nintendo 64 one that we all know and love). Your goal is to build a cartel, collect gold, chips and cash, and complete missions in your home state and all around the country. Read on for some tips and tricks for All Guns Blazing!

Chips and gold are the two different premium currencies of the game. You have to make a purchase to get more gold, or you can find free gold sitting around your map inside treasure boxes. Get more chips by going to the movie theater, which sits somewhere in the vicinity of Texas and Oklahoma, and watching an ad video. You can watch as many as you want until they run out, then you can come back later for more.

Strike a good balance with the real estate that you purchase. For example, if you want to make some free cash, purchase more condos, but if you want to store more cash at a time, build a mob bank. Increase the max number of properties you can have and the max upgrades you can do to each property by upgrading your home state mansion.

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Attack the armored car if you want to farm for cash. Cash allows you to upgrade your gun and make it more powerful, which allows you to do better on every other mission. If you are stuck and you want to farm for more loot and parts, go to any old stage that you have already beaten and play it again, or look for side jobs to complete.

There are a ton of jobs, but be sure to keep on the lookout for the side jobs, cartel jobs, VIP jobs, VIP cartel jobs and other goodies. If you want to get access to the VIP job you have to purchase some gold. Unfortunately, there is no known way to get the VIP jobs for free.

Explosives can do a ton of damage, so be sure to shoot them when they are thrown in order to blow them up. Shoot almost any of your surroundings to blow them up and cause property damage. Oftentimes when you blow up a surrounding object (such as a police car), the massive explosion that follows will take out any nearby enemies, as well.

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