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Alliance Wars: World Domination – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How To Beat, and Strategy Guide

Alliance Wars: World Domination is a new Clashalike for the iOS platform. Also known as War Inc, this game puts you into a future warzone in which all of the world’s developed countries are at war with each other, and your goal is to make your base the biggest and most powerful, as well as to crush other players. Read on for some tips and tricks for Alliance Wars: World Domination!

Right from the outset, be sure to maximize your defenses – your sniper towers and other gun towers and whatnot. Build walls early on and surround your most important buildings with the walls. These include all of your mineral and oil buildings, as well as your command center.

Run out of stuff to build? Upgrade the command center and you’ll unlock all kinds of new buildings, as well as more of the same stuff to build, and higher upgrade levels. Then start upgrading all over again. Of course if you upgrade too fast you leave yourself open to getting less resources from other player when you attack them.

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If you want to farm though, then leave your command center completely outside of the walls and outside of the protection of the guns. Let other players destroy it so that they can get easy trophies from you, yet take little to none of your resources. Then use your resources to do mass construction.

Hit the market and you can find the Free Fusions button. Watch the videos for fusions until you have enough of them so that you can add more builders (this is the best use of them rather than speeding things up, generally). Get three or four builders going and you will be able to do construction a whole hell of a lot more quickly.

Other ways to get free fusions include completing the various missions – focus on finishing these missions and you will get them surprisingly quickly. In addition, search around all of the ruins and scrap for a chance at some fusion. Ruins and trees can also get you some free oil and minerals.