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Alpaca World – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Alpaca World, also known as Alpaca World HD+, is a new collecting RPG for the iOS and Android platforms. You can collect Alpacas as if they were Pokémon, and battle them against other Alpacas in an attempt to make the strongest team possible. You get a ton of available Alpacas in different colors, each with their own strengths, weaknesses and abilities, and you can collect gold (G) and Alpaca Coins. Read on for some tips and tricks for Alpaca World!

When you’re out battling against other Alpacas, you’ll usually have one very strong Alpaca and some weaker ones in your party. Send the weaker ones in first, then have them attack once, then swap them out for the stronger one. When the battle is over, both of the Alpacas will gain experience evenly. Use this to bring your weaker ones up to speed with the stronger ones.

Collect as many different colored Alpacas as you can. You can have up to four of them in your party, but have more than that total so that you can swap them out as needed. Different Alpacas are stronger or weaker against specific Alpacas of different elements.

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When you go to the city, purchase ropes so that you can catch more Alpacas. Purchase food and you can use the food to restore their hit points, allowing you to battle for even longer and win tougher battles. Buy the various warps to warp to different hills. You can buy clothing too, to dress up your Alpacas, but other than the change in appearance, it has no effect on your Alpacas.

Go to the sell menu and you can sell the wool from your Alpacas for more gold. You can even sell your Alpacas themselves if you have duplicates or if you need to make more room. The higher the level that an Alpaca is, the more gold that you will earn when you sell them, so if you want some quick coins, level one up and sell it.

Be sure to upgrade your buildings as well. The den upgrade allows you to hold more Alpacas total. The Turtle upgrade helps injured Alpacas recover faster. The house upgrades give you more wool. The windmill also helps alpacas grow their wool more quickly. The magic bucket lets you change your accessory colors to any color in the game.