Alphabear 2: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Alphabear 2 is the latest puzzle game for the iOS and Android platforms by Spry Fox, this one requiring you to make words in order to earn points, grow your bears, and pass levels. You can earn honey, berries, coins, as well as new bears and new outfits, for a full range of party-building and customization. Read on for some tips and tricks for Alphabear 2!

Your goal is to earn as many points as possible, which is a process that consists of making big words, using high-point letters, and having the biggest bears possible. Get rid of the orange and red letters first to avoid having them turn into rocks, so that you can clear out space for your bears to grow huge; however, the red and orange letters have low point totals, so use high-point green ones too.

You can’t replay a stage after you beat it, but once you beat chapter 6 mission 12, you’ll unlock the hard mode. Once you beat chapter 10 mission 11 on the normal mode, you’ll unlock the master mode. You’ll be able to start right back from chapter 1 mission 1 with both of these modes, although the missions will be a bit different since they will be much harder than before.

Once you beat chapter 2 mission 12, you’ll unlock the daily events, which give you new challenges every day that provide various rewards. Beat chapter 1 mission 10, you’ll unlock the time warp, where you can spend coins and berries to discover new (and hopefully rare and legendary) bears. To unlock bear school, which allows you to level up and upgrade bears, beat chapter 2, mission 4.

You can equip up to three bears per round. Each bear comes with its own bonuses, such as an extra tile, or extra points for words that end in the letter “s”. Rare and legendary bears will typically have more effective bonuses than common bears, but each level has its own recommended set of bears to use, so pick and experiment with bears in order to have a better shot at beating tough levels.

You can watch video ads in order to earn hours worth of bonuses once you unlock the TV time area. You’ll be able to unlock bonuses on red and yellow cloths, add a percentage multiplier on berries that you win, and you’ll have a multiplied chance of winning rare, epic, and legendary bears from time warps. You also get five free coins per video. You can watch up to three videos per four hour period to maximize your bonuses.