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Amateur Surgeon 3 – All Patients Guide and Walkthrough: How to heal every patient in the game

Amateur Surgeon 3 gives you all kinds of strange tools, and asks you to heal your patients using these tools. Each patient requires increasingly more bizarre and arcane forms of surgery, but all of them – even the dead ones – can be brought back to life. This guide contains every single patient in the Bunker, Shanks-a-Lot Prison, Mumbo Jungle, Lunacy Falls, Robotopia and the Exile Clinic. Read on for a full guide on how to heal every single patient in Amateur Surgeon 3 for iOS!

The Bunker:
Mr. Giblets: Staple the big cuts. One staple in the middle and one at either end (three total) is sufficient to close them. Use the lighter to cauterize the small cuts and the stapled big cuts, and apply healing ointment to heal them. Use the pizza cutter to cut along the orange lines. Pull the shards of glass out of the big cuts. Staple the big cuts, cauterize and apply ointment to all the cuts. Staple, cauterize and apply ointment to the final cut.

PRXY-4: Staple the big cut, cauterize and apply ointment to all of them. Use pizza cutter along the orange lines. Pull glass out of the kidney and put it in the tray. Staple big cuts, cauterize and apply ointment to all cuts. Do the same to the final cut.

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Shanks-A-Lot Prison:
Rockbreaker Quarry: Break up the cement balls using the chainsaw. Cut in slow circular motions. Staple the big cut, cauterize all the cuts, apply ointment to the cuts and to the sores from the chainsaw. Cut open with pizza cutter. Break up the cement balls, apply ointment, then use the chainsaw to cut off the cement kidney along the yellow dots. Then cut it into thirds along the yellow lines using the chainsaw, and use the tongs to put the three pieces in the tray.

Put the new kidney on, then use the lighter to weld it on along the black lines. Put ointment along the green lines. Staple, cauterize and heal the cut. When you get down to the lungs cut out the cement balls and apply ointment to them. Staple the big cuts around the lungs, then cauterize and heal all cuts. Then cut out one lung, cut it into thirds, pull it out with tongs, place the new one, weld it and heal it. Repeat with the other lung. Staple, cauterize and heal the last cut.

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