Amateur Surgeon 3 Tips and Tricks Guide, Part 2: More Cheats, Hints and Strategies

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When you get to the stages with the fire bugs (the ones that keep burrowing back under the skin when you zap them with the car battery), you’ll often end up having to staple the cuts back up over and over again, and the wounds will be right on top of each other. If you look closely, you can see that cuts appear to overlap each other. The cuts you should staple first are the ones that appear to be on the bottom, ironically enough. If you try to do the top ones first, you’ll end up missing a staple.

Make it easier on yourself, though, by zapping them when they aren’t already on top of a cut that already exists, or by stapling all of the cuts before you put out the fires. In addition, zap them before you deal with the fires because the longer they crawl around for, the more fires they start.

Don’t get distracted by repeat jobs on the same screen (such as chainsawing multiple ribs before the dotted lines appear). You have to follow the dotted lines and/or other on screen directions when they appear, in the order that they appear. If they don’t show up for a job such as using the chainsaw or pizza cutter, then you can’t do that job yet.

Change your partner frequently depending on what you’re struggling with on a particular stage. Running out of time? Then use Procrastibot. Need to get three stars easily? Use Flow Master. Have an injury that takes an eternity to fix? Go for Officer Brutality. Just want better tools without having to buy them all? Then go for Crumpet Murphy.

You won’t lose any bloodpacks if you beat a stage, only if you lose on a stage. If you get reduced down to 1 bloodpack, then go back and play easier stages that you know that you can beat, over and over, so that you can buy more upgrades and be ready to take on a challenging new stage when you get another bloodpack back.

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