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Amateur Surgeon 4 – All Patients Guide and Walkthrough (Levels 13-18)

13: Horace d’Obscene – make an incision. deal with the cuts inside using the Staples and the lighter and ointment. Zap each of the bugs with the car battery. Use the ointment to heal any errant zaps. Heal the rest of the cuts. Pull out the coin and vacuum the spatters, then make another incision. Deal with the new batch of cuts. Zap the bugs and zap the hole that they are coming from three times with the car battery to make it disappear. Zap the large bug that comes out three times to kill it. Use ointment to heal the car battery burn. Close up the incision and you are done.

14: Dr. Rashid – pull out all of the tools and at Staples with the tongs. Staple and cauterize the cuts, planet use the owing to make it to heal both the cards and the staple marks. Make an incision. Deal with all of the cuts as before. Use the scanner. You will make incisions at the center right, lower center, and upper left portions of the screen. Remove the syringes and cauterize and apply appointment to the cuts. When you cut in a second time, vacuum up all of the fire and take out the vacuum from his belly. Close the incision and you’re done.

15: Faker Hubris – defrost the ice using the lighter and then make an incision at the top. Remove the ice and diamond, vacuum the blood spatters and deal with the cats inside. For the lower right incision, defrost the ice, kill the bugs with the car battery and then pick them out with the tongs. For the third incision, do the same thing with the frozen kidney, then use the chainsaw to cut out one kidney, cut it into thirds, then use the tongs to remove the pieces. Put the new one in, secure it with the lighter and the ointment. Cauterize and apply ointment to any of the small cuts that were caused by the bugs. Once back up at skin level, close all of the incisions and you are done.

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16: Tommy Gracefuls – Cauterize and apply ointment to all of the cuts and make an incision. Use the tongs to carefully pull out all of the shards. Vacuum the blood then use the Staples, lighter, and ointment to deal with all of the cuts. Make a second incision when you are back at skin level. Cut into the upper right, lower right, lower left, and upper left sections of the heart. Remove the shrapnel, vacuum the splatters, deal with the cuts. Close up the incision and you will be done.

17: Tony Alias – Cut in to the right of his bellybutton and underneath his left nipple. Remove the cash, vacuum the blood, and use staples, lighter, and ointment to deal with the cuts. Make an incision and cut in at the lower right side. Pull out the credit card and deal with the spatters and cuts. Make two more incisions. Then cut in just to the right of the center of the screen. Pull out the passport and vacuum the blood. Staple, cauterize and apply ointment to each incision one at a time and you will be done.

18: Richard Thimble – use a green syringe right away to stabilize the heart rate then pull the shard of glass and the barber wire out. Then vacuum spatters and staple, cauterize, and apply ointment to the cuts. Before cutting in again use another green syringe. Cut in again, then use the pizza butter on the bottom right corner of the left lung and the middle left corner of the right lung. Use the scanner if you need to. Then remove the barbs from the wounds and vacuum the blood. Staple, cauterize and heal the wounds and the incision.

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