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Amateur Surgeon 4 – All Patients Guide and Walkthrough (Levels 7-12)

7: Insurance-fraud Claude – Remove the nails. Staple, cauterize and ointment the nail wound. Deal with the other cuts. The scanner will lead you to the middle-right chest. Cut in there. Remove the nail and deal with the nail hole. Vacuum blood spatters. Use green syringes as you go. Make an incision along the dotted line. Pull out the coin. Staple, cauterize and heal the wounds and vacuum the blood. The scanner will lead you to the bottom right lung. Cut in and remove the nail and vacuum and deal with the cut. Scan the bottom left lung and do the same thing. Do the same again for the upper left and upper right lungs. Close the incision at the end.

8: Trent Coat – Pull the bullet out and then staple, cauterize and apply ointment to the cuts and vacuum the spatters. Cut into his chest twice, over his right nipple and halfway in between the two nipples (use the scanner to pinpoint the locations) and deal with the bullets and cuts. Use a couple green syringes before cutting in again as this is when the heart rate is most stable. Make the incision. Then once inside deal with the bullets and cuts the same way. Cut in at the bottom of the intestine then at the center right and center left portions of the liver. Then pull out the bullets, deal with the cuts and spatters. Cut in a second time. Staple and deal with all of the cuts. Make an incision in the middle of each of the two kidneys. Pull the bullets out and deal with the cuts and spatters. Close up the final incision and you are done.

9: Junkyard Guts – Make an incision, then once inside use the chainsaw to carefully (but not too slowly) cut along the dotted lines. Use tongs to pull away the rib cage square, clean the spatters, then cut in again. Deal with the cuts. Then pull out all objects from the next set of cuts including the magnet. Staple along the outline of the magnet to close the magnet shaped cut, then cauterize and apply ointment. Deal with the rest of the cuts as usual. Use tongs to put the rib cage back. Weld it back on with the lighter, then apply ointment to the whole thing. Then close the incision.

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10: “Lumbar” Jack Piles – Cut in, then use the red syringe to suck out the green goo, then staple, cauterize and apply ointment to the incision. Do this one more time. The third time that you cut in, suck out the green goo, pull out the splinters, vacuum the spatters, then staple and cauterize and apply ointment to the cuts. Close up the last incision.

11: Eddy the Dog – Make an incision and use the lighter to burn off the tracking devices, then vacuum the fire. Staple and cauterize and heal the wounds. Do the same thing in the second incision. Use the chainsaw to cut the collar along the dotted lines. Vacuum the spatters and put the pieces of the collar into the tray with the tongs.

12: Meatsack Jack – Cut into him and once inside, cut out the left kidney with the chainsaw. First cut around it, then when the dotted lines pop up in the middle, cut it into three pieces and pull each of them out with the tongs. Then place the new one in with the tongs, and secure it with the lighter and the ointment. Vacuum up the spatters. Close the incision with staples, fire and ointment. Cut in a second time, and remove and replace the lungs, first the left and then the right, the same way as you did the kidney. Close up the second incision.

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