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Amazing Katamari Damacy: Tips and Cheats for a Happy Cosmo King

Amazing Katamari Damacy is a new endless runner based off of Katamari Damacy for the iOS and Android platforms, and is arguably the best use of the endless runner genre for an existing franchise yet. You play as the Prince with his katamari, a ball that sucks up anything that touches it, and your goal is to grow the ball as huge as possible by sucking things up, while avoiding angering the King of All Cosmos by running into obstacles that you can’t suck up. Read on for some tips and tricks for Amazing Katamari Damacy!

You can suck up anything that is smaller than yourself. Typically, collectible objects will be arranged in a line like coins, so you’ll be able to pick them up easily. Oftentimes, if you grow taller than a wall that you’re next to, you can move to the side and suck up the wall and objects on the other side of it, as well, giving you other routes to run both for safety and for size.

You have three of the King’s missions that you can complete at a time. Rubies are the premium currency of the game, and if you beat all three of the missions, you’ll earn some free gems. You’ll fill the challenge progress bar, and when the missions are complete, a new set of missions will pop up.

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When you see one of your cousins in a level, run them over and you’ll be able to use their powers to your advantage. Foomin attracts nearby objects like a magnet. Marny shrinks you to pick up tiny coins. Macho allows you to break through objects and give you coins for it. Opeo shields you. Nik will increase your score multiplier as you go.

You’ll get one daily missions at a time in addition to the king’s missions. The king’s missions will allow you to earn free gems. The daily mission, on the other hand, will earn you free coins for completing them. Once the day is over, you get a new mission, whether you finished the old mission or not.

At the end of a run, you’ll get a missile, and when you open the missile (which is like a chest), you’ll earn coins and possibly rubies, as well as pieces of various celestial objects. Complete all of the objects in a constellation, and you’ll get a boost. Boosts will increase your score multipliers as you unlock them, so to get your score multipliers as high as possible, keep unlocking more stars and constellations.