Amazing Ninja: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Amazing Ninja is a new endless runner game by the makers of Amazing Brick. This entry into the Amazing series by Ketchapp is a massively addicting iOS and Android game in which your goal is to slice as many red ninjas as possible while avoiding the blue ninjas and jumping over gaps. Read on for some tips and tricks for Amazing Ninja for iOS and Android!

You have to watch out that you don’t jump too early or too late, because your jumps always have the same amount of distance and height no matter how long you tap on the screen or hold on the screen for. However, you do have a double jump that you can use to your advantage. Time this right and use it to get out of bad situations.

Plus, you need to get close enough to the red ninjas in order for the slicing and dicing to actually hit them. If you are too far away when you swing the sword, you won’t hit them, and if you wait too long before you swing the sword, they will get you first.

Don’t kill a blue ninja. They might be annoying and they might always get in your way, but if you kill another blue ninja, you will automatically lose the stage. All that you can do is jump over them. If you run into one, you will lose instantly as well

If you score 10 points, you get a bronze medal. If you score 20 points, you earn a silver medal, and if you earn 30 points, you earn a gold medal. After that, it’s all about bragging rights and trying to get the highest score that you can on Game Center. Right now, the current record is a mere 91 points, which is far more accessible than one would think with a game like this.

Try to land as far to the left on each platform as you can, using the double jumps to make this happen. Do this because oftentimes a red ninja will be on the far left side of the platform, and if you accidentally jump on top of them or land too close to them, you won’t be able to hit them at all. You’ll end up getting sliced by them first. And if you try to jump over them, then they will simply turn around, jump up and slice you so don’t plan on doing that either.

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