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Angel Salvation for Android and iOS: How to evolve your heroes and how to get evolution items

In Angel Salvation for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and the Android, even though it’s part card battle RPG and part puzzle game, the card battle part is still prominent. One way that it is so is in the act of evolving your hero cards. You can evolve your heroes into much stronger heroes; however, they will be reset back to level 1. They will have much stronger statistics when they evolve, though, making evolution very worth it for you and your battle strategy. Read on to find out how to evolve your heroes!

First, before you can evolve your heroes, you have to level them up to their maximum experience level. The level differs depending on the hero; to find out what the maximum level is, go to the Heroes screen, then Legions, then tap on a hero, and under their current level, their max level will show. It can be anywhere from level 10 for common heroes to level 70 for 3-star rare cards.

After you evolve your hero to the maximum level, back out of the “Strengthen” tab and go to the “evolve” tab. Next, pick the hero that you just evolved to its maximum level, and tap it. Hit “select” and you will be taken to a screen which shows you which evolution item you need. If you have that item, you can then hit the “Evolve” button, pay the necessary number of coins, and evolve your hero.

If you don’t have the evolution item, you will either need to buy it or find it. The Foras Box can be found in the following locations: The First Stage from Diritta Via to Imperious Duel, the second stage from An Old Enemy, and during the Thursday events. The Ice Mask, Fire Mask and other masks can be found in the first stage between Phlegethon and the Forgotton Tomb, and during friday events.

The Manax Box can be found in the first stage at the Imperious Duel and in the second stage in An Old Enemy. Casques can be found in the second stage between Through Volcano and Darkness Falls, as well as in the Monday limited events. Bathin boxes can be found in between Fire of Augustus and the Lost Ruins in stage 3. Spirits can be found in stage 3 from Augustus to Lost Ruins and in the Wednesday events. Helmets are exclusively found in Thursday events.