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Angel Salvation for iOS and Android: Get free diamonds and mana!

In Angel Salvation for the iPhone, your goal is to put the best card formation forward, just like in any good card battle game, but it’s a match 3 puzzle style of gameplay where the fight between your cards and the enemy’s cards happens, and your puzzle skill can really determine whether or not you succeed at battling. So can diamonds, which are the premium currency of the game. Diamonds allow you to recover your mana, as well as to recover your health in the middle of a battle, and to get rare heroes for your army. Mana is what allows you to actually go on quests. Read on to find out how to get more of both!

One way to get free Diamonds is to complete the daily events that pop up in the upper right hand corner of the quests menu. There is a different event each day, each one containing three levels, and each week, the events start over again. If you beat a level of the daily quest, you have a very high chance of gaining free diamonds. However, make sure to have strong enough cards that you won’t have to spend them all just to win the fights.

You can also get free diamonds by beating a whole world. A world consists of five quests, which each consist of three stages within the quest. When you beat an entire world, you will get bonus diamonds. In addition, you also earn diamonds as a login bonus every day, or even multiple times a day. This is a limited time event, though, so enjoy them while they last.

To get a free refill of mana, gain an experience level and all of your mana will be restored. Either that, or you can use the free diamonds you just got using the above two paragraphs in order to refill all of your mana, but better just to wait for it to fill back up if you aren’t close enough to a level up.