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Angel Stone – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How To Beat, and Strategy Guide

Angel Stone is a new action RPG created by Fincon, the developers of the surprise hit Hello Hero. Angel Stone puts you in the shoes of either a swordfighter, a dark mage or a gunslinger, as you get thrown in the middle of a war between Grigori and the Legions, and your goal is to quest through various war-torn areas, liberating them from the numerous demons, ghouls and other Halloween-esque monsters that have taken over. Read on for some tips and tricks for Angel Stone!

At the beginning of the game, make sure that you do NOT pick the gunslinger if you want to kill multiple enemies at a time. However, if you want to be able to hit and run, don’t pick the swordfighter, as they have a close range attack. Pick the dark mage if you want the best of both worlds, as they have a medium-long range scythe as their main weapon, which enables them to easily hit multiple enemies and then run out of the way of attacks.

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Auto-populate is the easy way to get through a stage, and it’s fine for when you’re in the meat of the stage, but make sure to add manual movements in while you are in a tougher battle, especially against a boss. Hit and run with your angel stone attacks, and if you need to recharge your mana, get away for a bit, then run back in and start using your angel stones again.

Angel Stones, of course, are the various spells that you can equip. They can be purchased, found in chests or earned in battle. These will be your ticket to beating all of the tough bosses (the easy bosses can be beaten without them), and if you use the gunslinger, this is your key to easily polishing off multiple enemies at a time (since you can only shoot one enemy at a time).

Use and abuse the blitz option to earn more experience and items quickly and easily. Change the paths every time that you play so that you earn different rewards, such as new equipment. Especially do this until your equipment slots are completely filled up, then start breaking down unwanted/leftover equipment for iron ore at the blacksmith’s shop. Use the ore to power up the stronger, rarer and better equipment.

When you’re making manual movements to evade boss attacks, tap early enough to account for the delay in response from the game, as it takes a half second or so for your character to actually do anything. Other times, your character will ignore you (for example, if it’s in the middle of its standard attack) so if you want to ensure that you won’t get stuck, keep your distance, and attack mainly with angel stones if you have to.