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Angry Birds 2 – How to get free Gems

Angry Birds 2 is the first entry in the franchise that is exclusively free-to-play, and it introduces gems, a premium currency, into the fold. Gems can be used for such things as buying spells that you can win a stage almost instantly with, or buying extra lives after you run out. But how do you go about getting free gems? Read on to find out!

The main way to get free gems is, of course, beating a boss level. After you beat a boss you will be given a large gem reward for doing so. This is only something that you get once per boss level, though. Once you beat it, you can’t get the gem reward even if you beat the boss level a second time. You can only get free gems the first time that you beat the boss.

Complete the trophy quests to get even more free gems. The daily quests will show up in the “menu” icon at the bottom of the screen. There will typically be three at a time, and once you complete one quest, a new quest will open up. Focus on completing these quests and you can save up your gems and eventually have a huge load of them.

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Minimize your gem usage, too, in a number of ways. Use your spells only when you really need to use them, and any stage should be beatable without spells, really. Also, when you run out of birds, you can watch a video in order to get a free bird, rather than paying the 60 gems required to continue the level.

Compete in the arena every chance that you get, as well. The arena will unlock at level 25, and you will be able to compete for rank and prizes in there. One of these prizes will, of course, be gems. The higher your rank is, the higher your chances will be of receiving gems.

Look out for special events to happen too. Right now, there are none currently happening that lead to any sort of earning of gems; however, Rovio loves to put special events into their games. Don’t be surprised when events arrive later that contain HUGE possibilities of gem winnings.