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Angry Birds 2 – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Angry Birds 2 is the long-awaited second main entry in the now long-running and prolific series for the iOS, Android and countless other platforms. This is the true sequel to the game that started the whole mobile gaming craze, the reason that this website even exists, really. You play as all of your favorite bird buddies, and your goal, just as before, is to beat the hell out of the little piggies using all kinds of attacks and strategies. Read on for some tips and tricks for Angry Birds 2!

This game has an energy/lives meter like Candy Crush and so many other games out there do. If you die you lose a life, and if you win, you do not lose a life. If you want to get your lives back right away, all you have to do is set the time ahead by half an hour per life (two and a half hours for a full regeneration). Then go back to the game and your lives will be fully regenerated. After you do this you can then set the time back to normal and still keep all of your lives.

Each bird has different talents in this game than they did in the older games, for the most part. The red bird, when you do the second tap, emits an aura that pushes the nearby stack of blocks, making it very easy to cause a ton of damage and fill the destructo-meter. Chuck, the yellow one, is strong against wood. Blue is strong against ice, so split him into thirds at the right time and you can take out an entire stack of ice, easily.

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If you are trying to get three stars on an old stage, go back later on after you have earned more birds and/or more spells. Those new birds and spells will be available to you even on older stages, as your assortment of birds is random, unlike older games, when the birds were set per stage. Use the new birds and other goodies to make it easier to three-star a level.

Want to unlock the Arena? Play past level 25 and you will unlock the PvP mode in this game. This, and the daily quests are a great way to earn more gems for free. Save up your gems so that you can spend them on spells later on that can be used to beat the harder stages, as you’ll get to a point where you’ll face old-time style hard stages that are nearly impossible to beat. Rovio has already stocked the game with 240 levels to begin with, and like Candy Crush, expect regular level updates to constantly add to the glut of levels, and to the variety of challenges.

Take advantage of the spitting flowers on each stage; sometimes, you can send your bird straight into them and they will spit your bird out exactly where they need to go. Other times they will send pigs or other objects into the abyss or spit knocked-over objects so that they hit pigs, or the rest of the fortification (also great strategies for dealing with the bosses).

Get two hits for the price of one out of Matilda, the white bomber egg. Fly her in low, and then unleash the bomb at the lowest possible height. Do it low enough so that she flies back upward, and then smashes into another part of the structure herself, for a whole bunch of additional damage to the structure.

To beat the bosses, generally, you want to knock as much junk over onto them as you possibly can. Look for the wedge that holds all of the rocks onto the hill, for example, and blow it away to send the rocks cascading onto the boss. Or knock the boss straight into the pit to kill it instantly;