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Angry Birds Action! – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Angry Birds Action! Is a game based off of the Angry Birds movie, which is based off of the Angry Birds game. Confusing, yes, but it makes for a fun game. Action! is a cross between Angry Birds and pinball, as you slingshot birds up and down a set course, trying to free eggs, set off bombs, and destroy the structures that the pigs have built to get in your way. Read on for some tips and tricks for Angry Birds Action!

No matter what your current goal is, try to set off as many of the bombs as possible in whatever level you’re playing. They tend to have a large blast area, and anything within the blast area gets blown up, including other bombs. Eggs within the blast radius will be freed, as well.

Aim your shot not just with an eye on where you want to hit, but where you want to hit after you bounce off of your initial target. Targets are easier to hit off the rebound of the first shot, rather than during the second shot, after the pigs have already dropped more obstacles into your path.

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You get only three energy at a time. If you want a full restoration, you have to pay gems; otherwise, you can watch a video to get your energy back. You can also set the time ahead on your phone or tablet to get your energy back immediately, although that time is added back to the cooldown once you set your time back to normal.

The first time that you play the game after you run out of energy, you will get prompted to log in via Facebook. If you login, you still won’t get anymore energy; however, you will be able to send gifts to others after finishing a round, and they will be able to send gifts to you. If you need to find more people to trade gifts with, post in the comment section here or look for people in FB groups, the App Store review page, or the Google Play review page.

When the Angry Birds movie comes out, take the game to the movie, wait til the end credits, and wait til the red bird logo appears on the screen, then take out your phone and open the game. You need to have your microphone enabled for this. Once you do that, you will earn bonus levels and a bonus world. The instructions are also within the game under the move countdown.

Use your beach ball power-ups on a tough stage, or when you really want to beat your friends’ scores. This will make you speed up when you bounce off of anything for awhile, allowing you to hit far more objects before you slow down.