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Angry Birds Fight! – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Angry Birds Fight! is a new puzzle RPG hybrid game for the iOS and Android platforms. It’s a highly innovative experience featuring loads of your favorite Angry Birds and Piggies doing what they do best – beating the crap out of each other in new and creative ways, but first, your birds will compete against other players’ birds to see who the best fighters are. Of course, coins and gems are collected in the process, allowing you to upgrade and improve in the process. Read on for some tips and tricks for Angry Birds Fight!

The main point of the gameplay is match-3, like in Candy Crush, but the rewards for 4 and 5-piece combinations are different. Plus – and this is the main point of the battle system – the pieces that you match will add to your attack and defense for a particular round. If yours are higher than the other player’s, then that means your bird will win the battle.

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The quality of your equipment factors into this too. Make sure that whatever bird you are using in battle is using the best equipment that you have. Unequip all of the good stuff whenever you switch birds, so that you can equip it back onto your new bird. Don’t bother doing this if you have duplicates of the same equipment; otherwise, do this. And spend coins in order to upgrade your best equipment.

Save your gems so that you can use them on the slots. The slots give you a high chance at earning a rare piece of equipment that you normally would have a very slim chance of earning in a tough battle. Save these and pass them around from bird to bird when you switch birds. Your active bird should always have your strongest equipment.

Be sure to go back to levels after you beat them in order to earn better rewards. You can eventually earn up to three stars in each level, and the more stars you earn, the bigger the rewards get. This gives you something to do whenever you get bored, or whenever you need to grind for experience levels for your other birds besides your main one.

Whenever you want to get a little bit of an extra edge before battle, you can watch an advertisement video to give yourself an attack boost. Do this especially before you engage in a challenge level so that you have an extra guarantee at earning that three-star score. The less damage you take before killing the pig, the more stars you will get, and the higher your attack, the faster you will win, thus the less damage you take.