Angry Birds Go! – How to unlock the Jenga levels and get Jenga Unlock Codes

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Angry Birds Go! is the kart-racing game that has become to the iOS and Android platforms what Mario Kart is to the Nintendo platforms, albeit on a smaller scale due to it being the only game of its kind so far. You can unlock the Jenga levels in the game, which gives you a special pirate-themed level that brings back memories of the classic Angry Birds play. Read on for some tips and tricks for how to get the unlock levels in Angry Birds Go!

The fastest way to get them, and possibly the cheapest, is simply to unlock them within the game. If you try to, you will receive a prompt to ask you to spend two dollars, or the equivalent in your country if you don’t live in the USA. Purchase the level and you will be able to play it right away.

The other way is to enter the code that came in your Angry Birds Jenga set. If you don’t yet have a Jenga set then all you have to do is buy one. You can’t borrow one from a friend unfortunately, as the codes are all single use only, so no borrowing from a friend.

If you are a hardcore Angry Birds fan, then you might just be able to get this without spending anything, but the only way that happens is if you already have a Jenga set because you already bought it to put the code into Angry Birds Transformers. Or vice versa, of course, since this is the game that came out first.

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So what does the level consist of? Basically, all that is is, is that you race down a ramp and try to jump off at just the right angle, hitting pigs and hitting the structures that they stand on, attempting to knock them down.

Those are the only two known ways to get this mode. If you want it for free you will have to use an iTunes gift card in the IAP store, or use a gift card at any store that contains the right Jenga sets. All you have to do is pay barely more money than you otherwise would have.

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