Angry Birds GO! Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Angry Birds GO! is a new go kart racing game for the iOS and Android platforms. It’s been released only a day ago and it’s already being referred to as the Mario Kart of the mobile platforms, due to the popularity of the characters and the style of play. You play as downhill soapbox racers, and your goal is to finish in the top three in various forms of races, and win various versus-style and other random styles of races, collecting coins and gems and upgrading your kart along the way.

Your characters have five energy apiece, and once the energy runs out, it takes 30 minutes per piece of energy in order for it to come back. However, if you want to speed up energy regeneration, simply set the time ahead on your phone. Set it ahead by around 30 minutes for every bit of energy that you want to immediately regenerate. Once you do that, then after you set the time back to normal on your phone or tablet, your energy will still be full, too. This trick works for every single character at the same time.

Your driving characteristics are the same for every character you have – they’re totally dependent on the kart. Upgrade every skill on your kart to their maximum levels to level up your kart, which will allow you to upgrade everything else even more. Eventually, with enough upgrades, your kart can become just as good as the premium ones. Don’t forget to upgrade strength, too, because while it’s easy to neglect, without strength you will end up in all kinds of spectacular crashes, especially as every other statistic improves.

Top speed is arguably the most important statistic for your kart, so pick the kart which has the highest base level of top speed to begin with. The two other base karts have high strength and high handling, but lower strength and handling can be accomodated simply by being a little more careful on the track.

With regards to handling, the two things that will slow you down the most are hitting walls and hitting other racers; however, it’s possible to spin out other racers if you hit them right, making it very difficult for them to catch up with you. Especially try to spin out another racer when it’s a close race.

Your CC goes up on your kart depending on the upgrades you buy. Every single upgrade increases CC, so if you haven’t unlocked something yet due to not enough CC, simply keep working on upgrading everything to the maximum level.

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