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Angry Birds Stella POP! – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Angry Birds Stella POP! is a new game in the Angry Birds franchise by Rovio (duh), featuring the all-too-familiar bubble popping mechanic. Stella shoots bubbles at the top of the screen to try to make combinations, while other Angry Birds join in the fun and use their superpowers to help. You can use any combination of straight shots, bank shots, and wall shots, but ultimately the goal is to clear the bubbles in as few moves as possible. Read on for some tips and tricks for Angry Birds Stella POP!

Try to shoot each bubble as high as you can. The reason for this is that if you make a combination, and other bubbles happen to be hanging off of the cleared bubbles, then those bubbles will drop as well. The more that you can drop at the same time, the more points you will earn, and you can finish the stage quickly as well.

Connect Angry Birds Stella POP! to Facebook and you will be able to ask your friends for more lives. If none of them play the game, start a side account on Facebook for gaming, or add people who do play the game (in Add Me Facebook groups, the comments of this very post, forums etc) and then ask them for lives all that you want. Make sure to send lives back to them as well, both to spread the goodwill around and to ensure that they keep sending you lives.

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Each time that you make a pop, you’ll build up a combo, so you want to make pops as many times in a row as possible. Sometimes this can even earn you more points than dropping a load of bubbles in one shot. Of course, the optimum way to do things would be to drop loads of bubbles in one shot when you are already in the middle of a big combo. All of the bugs will be flying around, so the balls will bounce off and score huge points.

Save the power pops until you really need them. If you get one but you can drop a pig without using it, then switch bubbles and save it until you don’t have any combinations left. Then, once you run out of combinations, use the power pop to make your own.

Some stages have a bubble wheel that rotates when you hit it. You don’t have to knock out every bubble here in order to drop the pig; all that you have to do is knock out all of the bubbles that directly surround the pig, one bubble deep. Then, the pig will fall and so will the rest of the bubbles.