Angry Birds Transformers – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

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Angry Birds Transformers is the newest game in the Angry Birds series and if it weren’t for Epic, it would be the most surprising and most unique. This one does away with the slingshotting action of the core series, instead turning it into a run-and-gun shooter where your birds, costumed as Transformers, shoot at pigs that are perched on the familiar blocks. Like in the core series, your goal is to get rid of the pigs by collapsing the blocks in the most unique ways possible. Read on for some tips and tricks for Angry Birds Transformers!

A whole lot of stuff takes time to complete in this game – for example, the collecting of coins from stages that you have already beaten, or waiting for stages to be playable again, or for upgrades to complete. If you do the time lapse cheat by setting the time ahead on your phone or tablet, you can skip that whole waiting period and finish the upgrade and other stuff automatically.

However, things get complicated if you do this, meaning that some strategy is required. Do this whenever you are about to put your phone or tablet down for awhile, because if you set the time backward and don’t have time to wait it out, the game will notice and start messing with you (decreasing your upgrade level for one of your Transformers back down to one, draining all health from the birds, etc). So don’t set the time back to normal before bedtime, essentially.

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Always have an upgrade going to one of your birds in order to power up their shots, speed up vehicles and increase defense. If you can’t afford to upgrade one bird at the moment, switch to another, and if you can’t afford that, then start farming for coins and gems by playing any available stage that you can find.

Whenever you beat a stage you will have the option to double your rewards (piggies and gold coins) for watching an advertisement video. Do this every single time and you’ll race through the stages and the rescuing of all of the Transformers that you need in order to build the entire collection.

You can scan various Telepod toys into the game using the camera on your device. If you have Telepod toys, do this for extra bonuses; if you don’t, then either go buy some or borrow them from a friend in order to gain their functionality.

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