Angry Gran Toss tips and tricks guide, part 2: More advanced hints and strategies

Welcome to part 2 of the tips and tricks guide for Angry Gran Toss! Click here to go back to part 1 of the guide.

Some of the achievements in the achievement screen (which is denoted by the “trophy” icon) take some creative measures and some luck to pass. One of them is to do an entire run without hitting the ground. To make this happen, get Granny beyond 5,000 meters using the cannon and using gunshots and the flying packs in order to propel her forward. At 5,000 meters she will enter the suburbs. Then, land in a dumpster and the goal will be complete.

Doing a perfect launch will earn you up to 150 coins at a time as a bonus. If you can do the perfect launch perfectly, every time, then a really quick way to earn coins is to aim the cannon all the way forward, and then do a perfect launch. Granny will skid on the ground and immediately stop, causing you to earn coins right away, and if you can do this every time you can do one perfect launch every 8 seconds or so, leading to a very high average number of coins.

As you start to buy more powerful cannons and more powerful guns with more bullets, start aiming to shoot more forward instead of up. The power of the guns will increase the height that granny jumps after every shot, but the more powerful cannons will send her flying at a much higher speed, causing her to go much farther, much more quickly. Plus, blimps and sofas will have more effect when she bounces off of them.

To keep getting a ton of “best” bonuses, don’t launch yourself too hard initially. You get a nice bonus every time that you break your own personal best, so if you shoot yourself 6,000 meters right from the beginning of the game, or launch yourself an impossibly long distance, the record will be harder to break.

Keep track of the list of achievements and try to do as many as possible in order to earn as many gems and pets as possible, because they will earn you free ones as a reward for completing them. Tap the ones you haven’t done yet in order to figure out what you need to do to complete them.