Granny Legend – Walkthrough, Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

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Granny Legend, formerly known as Angry Granny: Legend, is Fastone Games’ newest level-based “shooter” for the iOS and Android platforms, and is a good game for Virus War fans if Virus War ends up becoming too easy. This game has a similar setup to Virus War except that you attack with knives and other weapons rotating around your body, making enemies tougher to avoid due to the closer proximity to you.

Your goal is to make it from level to level, with each level being tougher than the last, and to earn as many coins and gems as possible. You can upgrade your character to increase her power, and you can unlock a whole range of secondary weapons for all sorts of additional bonuses, too.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Granny Legend!

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The weapons spin around your character, and your method of attacking enemies is to move so that the weapons revolving around you hit the enemies. At first you’ll only have one weapon, but you’ll earn secondary weapons and characters starting in level 5, unlocking more and more as you go. Be sure to pick up knives that the enemies drop so that you can expand your circle of weapons, increasing damage and range.

Each secondary character has their own specific weapon characteristic that can give you a huge advantage during each round. For example, Granny’s weapon has a chance to stun enemies and freeze them, while Grandpa’s weapon sets them on fire, doing residual damage for about ten seconds before the fire goes out. This all is on top of the primary characteristic, which is the additional damage dealt by secondary weapons.

Make it your primary goal in every level to avoid damage. If you try to cause as much damage as possible as quickly as possible, it’s easy to lose track of an enemy inside of your weapon circle, have them hit you, and then have the level end early. Avoid all damage, whether that’s being hit by enemies or projectiles, and you’ll surely beat the level.

You can upgrade both your primary and secondary weapons’ attack power by spending the coins that you earn within each level. A third and more hidden upgrade is to the tier of your secondary weapon. Hit the info button underneath your secondary character, and you’ll be able to tier them up to increase the effectiveness of their secondary characteristics, such as stun duration or residual damage duration.

You need both coins and cards in order to do this. Cards can come from chests, and chests are located inside of the in-game store. You’ll often earn keys within levels, especially from defeating bosses. Once you get a key, go the store and you will be able to unlock a chest.

There are two types of chests that you can find; the rare chest and the fortune chest. The fortune chest is the rarest one, and is the most likely to give you either large numbers of upgrade cards, free gems, or a brand new epic or legendary secondary weapon. The rare chest is ironically the more “common” chest, and will likely give you small numbers of upgrade cards.

Some of the secondary weapons can be unlocked by making it to higher experience levels. Some can be unlocked by opening a chest. The latter are the ones that show up as “Not unlocked yet” when you try to tap it in the store before it’s available, while the others will show up as “Reach level xx to unlock this”.

Energy is the key limiting factor in this game. You can get some free energy by tapping the energy icon and collecting 20 per day, but otherwise, you can either watch an ad video to make the energy come back right away, or you can spend gems in order to get more energy.

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