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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is Nintendo’s latest entry into the mobile gaming arena, and has become the top game on both platforms within merely hours of release. Your goal here is to build a camp and invite loads of animals and people to it, earn bells and Leaf Tickets, and craft all kinds of new items and expansions for your campground, your camper, and your friends. Read on for some tips and tricks for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp!

In the early days of the game’s release, you have all kinds of connection errors popping up. The most likely reason for these is that the servers are so full that you’re simply getting errored out of the game, so your best bet is to restart and see if it works when you load it again. If you downloaded the game early on an Android off an unofficial site, save your game data, delete the game, and then reinstall it from Google Play and it will work properly.

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Your main goal early on is to bring as many animals to your campsite as you can. This will require you to build friendship via talking and gifts (any red option in the conversation menu with said animal) and then have the items that they like in order to get them to come over. Once they’re over, you can engage in all kinds of conversation and side quests with them. After you have 9 animals, you’ll need to swap out one animal in order to invite a new animal in, as you can only hold eight at a time in your camp.

Once you run your map out of animals, hit the contact list to see who you can invite next, and then hit the map button from the specific contact’s list and go to their camp to talk to them. Or, when you eventually run out of animals, while you’re waiting for another game update, start looking for other players who pop up randomly in campgrounds and add them as friends, give them kudos, and scour their campgrounds for fish, fruit, shellfish, bugs, and other crafting items.

Once you expand your camper at OK Motors, you’ll run up a loan with them, that you can then pay off in bells. The loan is on your term, though, and there is (currently) no penalty for going delinquent on your loan; you’ll just have to get the loan paid off before you can do another expansion.

Once you run out of animals to unlock, your next focus (aside from simply working on the design of your area) will be to level up their friendship. Get the friendship up to level 10 and you’ll earn double the materials for completing one of their quests; at level 15, you’ll earn triple the materials for completing one of their quests. Once you have an animal’s tier 2 amenity (unlocked at level 10) placed in your camp, they will be able to level up to 15.