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Animal Story: Beach Adventure – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Animal Story: Beach Adventure is a new animal-raising game by TeamLava. It’s a bit of a sidequel to Fantasy Forest Story, as it features the same characters, except in a different setting, on the beach instead of in the forest. Plus, you get new food in the farms and some new characters that you can breed. Read on for some tips and tricks for Animal Story: Beach Adventure!

Quests are typically the best way to get experience points. If you want to get experience points and you have a lot of coins to spare and no more easily-beatable quests at the moment, then build something that gives you experience just for placing it (habitat, farm, etc), then sell it, build it and sell it again until you level up.

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Wanna get coins quickly? Load up your beach with every single habitat that you can place on it. Concentrate mostly on the habitats that can hold huge amounts of maximum coins. For example, the grass habitat holds way more than the fire habitat. Put your cross-bred animals especially into these habitats so that they fill up with coins more quickly.

Clearing the bushes, brambles and other junk is the main way to make more room in your habitat, but selling decorations can make room as well and it costs less (or rather, costs nothing; you earn coins from it). In addition, move all of your stuff so that it is as close together with as few empty spaces as possible.

Breeding is the way to get rare and exotic animals without having to spend coins for it. If you want to know what combinations you can make from breeding, check the animal store and look for the animals that are two or more types. Breed those types. Some rarer animals will have the same combination types as other, more common animals, but will show up far less often when you breed them. Just keep trying and they will eventually come.

The main way to earn free gems (the premium currency in the game) is to complete the quests. Once you complete a block of achievements, as well, you’ll earn a good bit of free gems. Other than that, they sometimes pop up as random rewards in the game. They won’t be much at a time, but if you save them up, eventually they will add up and become a rather substantial amount.