Animal Voyage: Island Adventure – Get more spades (shovels), food, and energy

Animal Voyage: Island Adventure puts you in charge of an island full of a bunch of cute little animals, all of whom are trying to rescue other cute little animals, so naturally, it’s your task to help them get there. Each animal has an amount of energy that can be used either to play match-3 games, or to go on voyages and complete tasks, such as chopping down grass, trees, or rocks. Food can be grown at your farm area, but you only start off with one farm plot which can grow blueberries, so that takes awhile. Spades, or shovels, are needed to get more farm plots. Read on to find out how to get more of all three!

Each animal has their own energy level, so if you run out of energy with one animal, you can complete tasks with another animal, provided that you have multiple animals located in one location (such as the area that you have just set sail to). If you have only a single animal left, you’re going to need some more energy.

The only way to recharge energy is to feed your animal, and to feed your animal, you are going to need more food. You can get more food by growing it at your farm. You start off with blueberries only, so grow them over and over, and harvest them over and over, and you can build up a surprisingly large stash of food.

To get more types of food, such as raspberries, you need to find where the specific bush relating to that type of food is located. Most of them will be on an island that you set sail to. Raspberries are located on your home island, in between the arctic homes and the beginning homes, but it is surrounded by rocks. Therefore, you are going to need Otto the Giant Panda in order to break the rocks.

To get more farm plots, you’re going to need more spades. To get more spades, go to one of the islands (any island that still has chests left will work). Start clearing the grass, rocks, trees and other obstacles, until you get to the crate, then open the crate. Brown crates are the ones that are going to have shovels in them (not always, but often they do). Gold crates won’t. They’ll usually have something like ice blocks or crystals.

You can even get more shovels simply by clearing obstacles. They will pop up VERY infrequently, so you are going to have to clear a LOT of grass, or whatever other obstacle, for even a chance at seeing them. However, it’s still very much worth it just for that chance, because all you need for a new farm plot is 2 spades.

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