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Animal Voyage: Island Adventure – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Animal Voyage: Island Adventure is a new game by Pocket Gems, the folks behind Paradise Cove and Campus Life. Anyone who is familiar with the gameplay of those two titles will be instantly acclimated to Animal Voyage: Island Adventure, because your main goal is to explore various islands, rescuing trapped animals, and building homes for them. Plus, you get a good bit of match-3 gameplay built in via the minigames that you can play with the animals. Read on for some tips and tricks for Animal Voyage: Island Adventure!

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Make sure to always keep a stash of food, even early on in the game when that simply means growing blueberries over and over. Feeding your animals restores their energy, which allows you to either use them for various tasks (such as chopping trees or digging up grass) or to play the match three games with them.

You can unlock more spots to grow your food by finding shovels, to speed up the process. You can find shovels randomly when you clear obstacles such as grass and trees, and you can also earn them from crates that are on the various explorable islands. You can unlock different types of food by finding the bush that said food grows on at whatever island you’re on.

Every animal has a different match-3 game that you can play with them. The games get progressively more difficult for each animal that you unlock; however, the more difficult ones are also the ones that will earn you the most coins and experience points. If you need more leaves for an expansion, save your energy by not playing the match-3 games so that you can use all of your energy on cutting down trees, grass and other plant obstacles.

If you buy decorations, think long and hard about where you want to put them before you place them. Once you place decorations, you can’t sell them and you can’t move them. However, they’re about all that you can actually place wherever you want, so you won’t be blocking any space by placing decorations.

You can get more leaves simply by clearing out the grass and the trees and other obstacles, so if you are running out on leaves, sail out on a voyage back to any one of the islands that you’re exploring or that you already have explored. Also, the gold crates hold items that are required to build or repair a necessary structure to complete a quest, such as a bridge or a lighthouse. The brown crates hold shovels, coins, or other random items, some of which actually are necessary to complete repairs as well.

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