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Animation Throwdown: The Quest for Cards – How to get rare, epic, and legendary cards

Animation Throwdown: The Quest for Cards is a new card battling RPG for the iOS and Android featuring some of the most loved cartoon characters in the history of Adult Swim and Fox. You goal is to work up a highly powerful deck of cards and do battle against other characters from the games. There are multiple tiers of cards in this game including the rare, epic, uncommon, and legendary cards. Read on for some tips on how to get more of the real good cards in Animation Throwdown: The Quest for Cards!

Every time that you beat a particular boss, you add another card to the list of potential drops on that level. The battles get progressively harder against said boss, but the prizes become more lucrative, including uncommon, rare, and epic cards.

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You can get uncommon cards from the basic card packs, and you can get the rarer cards from the other packs available in the store. The area pack gives you two cards with a guaranteed rare or higher, while an epic pack gives you three cards with one guaranteed epic or higher. The other two cards can be any tier, including rare and epic.

Right now there are no current featured items in the store (as of the time of this writing) but expect featured items to be added to the game soon. These will be special deals that become available in the store, including but not limited to cards and card packs, potentially even including limited-edition rare cards.

Always be sure to get the three-ad bonus before you do anything else right when you begin the game, so that you have the best chance possible at earning a card drop when you play in the standard mode. The three-ad bonus makes it 1.5 times more likely that you can earn a card after a battle, and of course, rare cards are added to this as you complete more battles and increase the prize tier.

Hit the quests menu to see what you can complete in order to earn prizes. Some of the quests might be a little bit tougher to complete but these are the ones most likely to earn you card packs – and gems, which, of course, can then be used to purchased to purchase premium card packs in the store.