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Animation Throwdown: The Quest for Cards – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies, Page 2

If you want to automate the battling, go to the options menu and you can turn on the auto-battle option. If you want to speed things along, go to the options menu and you can set the speed of battles to 1x, 2x, or 4x. Combine 4x and auto-battling to make it through the game extremely quickly.

After the first time beating a particular character, you can play the level again and again for higher-tiered prizes to be unlocked. There is an entire chain of prizes on each level, and each time that you play, the next rung in the chain is unlocked and becomes available to earn as a prize. Then each subsequent time that you play and win that level, you have a chance at that prize dropping.

Specifically, you have three battles per star tier on one boss, and once you pass all three levels, the star will be upgraded; first from bronze to silver, then from silver to gold. So there are four battles per star tier, making for a total of 12 possible prizes per boss level.

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Not only can you upgrade your cards and earn new cards, but you can also earn new characters, mostly via the arena and as higher-tier prizes against various bosses in the game. Each new character has specific perks that go with them, chief among them being higher health points per level. Different characters also have different skills that can be used in battles.

Tap on the profile picture of your character, next to your username and your level, in order to switch. When you are on the character select screen, tap on the little shield button in order to see what their defensive perks are. For example, Bobby has Sturdy which blocks damage when he’s attacked, and Punch which attacks a random enemy. The higher the character level, the more defense or damage are applied by these various perks.

Join a guild as soon as you can. Guilds have various perks that are given to you based on how many members are in the guild or how many total trophies you and your guild have earned from the arena. These perks apply whether you are the leader of the guild or just one of the members, so find a good active guild to join. The game will tell you who the slackers are and who the active players are, too.

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