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Animation Throwdown: The Quest for Cards – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies, Page 3

When you are a member of a guild, you get a coin bonus for every member who is in the guild, so the more crowded the guild is, the better. Combine this with the three ad-bonuses before every round that you play, and you can earn a massive amount of coins for each battle. These coins are then used for earning new card packs. Even the basic card packs have a good shot at earning you uncommon or even rare cards.

Once you run out of energy in the standard tournament rounds, go to the arena to mix it up in the player vs player modes. You have ten maximum boxing gloves, which are the form of energy in the arena, so you can fight ten battles before running out of steam. The higher your tier in the arena, the higher your prizes will be. Your guild will also see bonuses as a reward for completing the arena battles.

For each rank that you gain in the arena, another hero is unlocked. There are currently 15 total heroes in this game. Stevie Griffin is the first hero that you can unlock in the arena. You can tap on any one of them, whether locked or unlocked, to see their stats. Scroll using the arrows on the right side of the screen to see what the character’s stats are for levels above level 1.

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The game doesn’t tell you how to level up your hero, but it’s fairly simple to do so. You will collect hero shards in the arena at completely random times, but they are very rare drops. Hero shards level up your character and increase their stats as well as their perks. Your chances are increase by earning the ad bonuses.

You can use power to upgrade cards, and power is earned by recycling cards. Even in auto-deck mode, look over your inventory before you decide who to start recycling, because some cards will be pushed out of our deck just because there are not enough available combos for them, yet their strength makes them worthwhile to research. Best to upgrade your highest-rarity cards first.

Once you power up your card to level 4, you will be able to use fusion to power the card up to a completely different tier. You will need two level-4 versions of the same card in order to do this, but the resulting card will be back down to level one, yet stronger than the lower-tier version of the card. You’ll be able to use power to fuse it yet again.

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