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Anime Arena: Tips, Trick, Cheats and Strategy Guide

Anime Arena is a new iOS and Android role playing game with weird English translation, a unique battle system, and some downright hilarious moments. This game features characters who are loosely based off of popular anime characters, comedic dialogue that hasn’t been translated very well, and a nearly unlimited batch of collectible weapons. Read on for some tips and tricks for Anime Arena!

There are a whole host of special attacks that you can use in battle, including solo attacks, but the joint attacks are generally the most effective. Put the right combination of two characters together and they will have a joint combination available. This will do damage to all enemies, and do far more damage than the solo special attacks generally would have.

After each battle, go to the Ward screen and look for new equipment that you can inlay into each one of your characters’ battle positions. The equipment will have an effect on all of the characters in either the front, the middle or the back, wherever it’s equipped. Auto-inlay and the best equipment will automatically get placed into the appropriate equipment positions.

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To level up each character’s skills, go to the Fellow area and upgrade any applicable skill by hitting the “+” button. This will power up the individual skill, not the joint skill. You can also upgrade your character from here if you have the right upgrade material item. As you gain player levels you will also unlock the ability to train them, sacrifice them and unlock Ruin Jade.

You’ll load up on experience bananas as you go. Go to your bag and use them on your favorite characters. When you get a new character, give them extra bananas so that they can get caught up, or if you run out of bananas to give them, go to a level that you have already beaten before, and thus is easy with your current batch of characters other than the new one. Play it a few times to get your new character some experience.

Pick your free card draw as often as you can. Most of the time this will contain items or fragments of one of your characters, but sometimes you will earn an entire new character all at once, or some other extremely rare item such as a high-level upgrade item for one of your stronger characters.