Apoc Wars Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Apoc Wars is a brand new game by Gloops that fans of the real time strategy genre will absolutely love. It takes the gameplay of Clash of Clans and War Commander and advances it to the next level, adding far more interaction to the battles as well as speedy gameplay, cartoony graphics, and a dose of crazy characters that we can use. Build up your territory, collect resources, and invade (and be invaded by) both other players and the computer in order to win. Read on for some tips and tricks for Apoc Wars!

You have to send in your characters in a strategic manner in order to balance out your attack power, your speed, and your ability to take damage. However, one of the cheapest and easiest effective methods of attacking is the old fashion “Zergrush” method. In this case, send in a ton of soldiers (which are your weakest troop) since they have high amounts of attack power and can move very quickly, and can simply overwhelm the enemy.

When you send spies into the battle, send the spy rover or other spy vehicle in around the outskirts, because these are where you can clear out the most fog with the least risk of getting shot at. Once you clear out all that you can, start going inside the main camps and race right through enemy territory, letting your rover get blown up in the process.

To maximize the defense to your own base, first, move all of your important buildings (resource, command center and barracks) so that they are literally right next to each other, and then surround them with wall and turrets. Move them all away from the street and into the middle of the desert, because the streets are where nothing can be built. That’s where everybody will expect you to be anyways, so you can surprise potential attackers by moving out into the desert.

In battle, the walls will slow you down big time, and if you try to attack a gun turret or a building that’s behind walls, your characters will start trying to shoot the wall even if you can run around the wall to avoid it. Instead, maneuver your characters manually in order to get them around the wall without trying to shoot it. Maneuver them manually in order to avoid gunfire, as well, until you’re ready to kill the turret.

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