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AR Dragon – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

AR Dragon is the first augmented reality virtual pet game for the iOS platform. This game takes advantage of the new ARKit platform in order to allow you to hatch your dragon and plant it somewhere in your actual surroundings. You can feed your dragon, play with it and take care of it, and watch as it collects currency for you. Read on for some tips and tricks for AR Dragon!

At the beginning of the game, you get to hatch a dragon, and then any time that your dragon runs away, you can hatch another one. Dragons are classified into common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary tiers. If you roll a common or an uncommon, you can reroll for free and try to hatch a rarer one. Rerolling again after the first one will require you to watch a video ad.

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If your dragon goes away, you’ll be able to pay currency in order to get it back, although rarer dragons will cost more currency. To prevent from having to spend currency to keep your dragons, check back at least once per day and play with the dragon or feed it, even if you don’t plan to play for any real length of time that day.

You can get more of the currency by playing with your dragon or feeding it, or simply waiting for your dragon to collect it on its own while you’re offline. If you want to get more instantly, go to the shop menu and hit the first option, which is to watch a video ad for 200 currency. You can watch ads as many times as you want and continue to earn the currency. Use it to speed along unlocking of various features, such as food and games.

When you’re playing the volleyball game with your dragon, you’re going to have to keep moving the camera from side to side as you get further into it. Aim your phone toward your dragon but keep moving it to keep up with where the ball is at. Do this and you’ll be able to score far more points, and thus earn far more currency, as currency won during a game increases on a curve depending on your score.

When you come back to the game after a short period of time offline, you’ll have to scan surfaces again in order to find a place to put the dragon. If the square that represents the scanned surface is too big, keep moving your phone around and scanning. If it’s huge and you summon your dragon, then it will be too close to the camera to do anything useful. When it’s further away, then it looks better and is easier to play games with.