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Arcane Empires for iPhone: Resource Guide – How to easily get more food, wood, crystals, iron and silver

In Arcane Empires, you have a number of resources that you have to build up before you can do any of the fun stuff, such as fighting with other kingdoms or conquering other lands. Food, wood, crystals and iron are your main resources, with silver as your primary currency in the game (even though the other resources are also used as currency at times). Read on for a guide on how to very easily get more resources quickly!

The main way to get more resources quickly is simple. Build more farms for more food, build more crystal mines to get more crystal, build more saw mills to get wood, and build more ironworks to get iron. You can fit three of each one in your city, with one more space open to put a fourth one of whichever you want.

After you build them, start upgrading each one of them. Upgrading them causes them to put out an automatic amount of resources every hour (although the resources are constantly collected, not hourly). For time efficiency, your best bet is to upgrade them one level at a time for all of them. For example, upgrade all of your facilities to level 2 before you upgrade any of them to level 3. This will maximize the speed at which your output increases.

To augment that, start researching too. Research Harvest Magic to increase the speed of food output. Research Logging to do the same for wood output. Research Crystalworking to get crystal faster, and research Smelting to make Iron more quickly. In addition, researching Engineering allows you to construct faster, which (obviously) helps you upgrade your resource buildings more quickly. To add to the storage space for all of your newfound goods, research Steam Loaders to increase your warehouse space.

Now, to increase the amount of silver that you can make, you can do one of two things. You can go to the Citadel and raise taxes on the city, for one. While this will increase the silver output of your city, raising the taxes too much will decrease your citizens’ happiness, so it’s important not to do this too much.

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