Archero: All Talents List and Best Talents Guide

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Archero is a new roguelike for the iOS and Android platforms that has achieved a level of popularity far surpassing any mobile roguelike before it. In this game, you have something called Talents, which are abilities that are unlocked after you finish your current run.

Talents are upgrades that allow you to start off each level with an advantage, whether that be increased health, higher damage dealt, or a power-up that you can select before the battle even starts – and depending on which power-up you choose, that can be a huge, huge boost to your run.

Read on for a list of all of the talents and what they do in Archero!

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A note before the list: whenever you get a new talent, it’s completely random, and if you already have a talent unlocked, you might get an upgrade to said talent. So it could take a short time or a long time to unlock all possible talents, but even if you don’t unlock a talent immediately, you’ll still get a pre-existing talent upgraded, which is also a good thing.


You have to pay attention to the picture more than the name for this one. Strength actually upgrades you max health. You start off with a maximum health of 100. With Strength, your maximum health is upgraded to 200. Each time you get a Strength upgrade afterwards, you get an additional 100 maximum health.


Power sounds like it should be the same as Strength, but judging by the picture, it’s not. Instead, Power increases your attack power right off the bat. The first Power upgrade is the best one as it gets you an extra 50 attack power. For every subsequent upgrade to Power, it adds an extra 25 attack power.


Whenever you pick up a red heart, you heal, and the Recover talent will increase the amount of health you get back when you pick one up. Every Recover upgrade adds 50 health to the amount that you get back with a red heart. So if you’re at a level 3 red heart, you get 150 back, for example.

Iron Bulwark:

This talent is an oddly specific one. When you get Iron Bulwark, your damage from running into a monster (not from taking a shot or an attack by said monster) drops. Unlocking Iron Bulwark for the first time will drop the damage by 50 points. Each upgrade afterwards will only lead to a 25 point drop in damage from running directly into a monster.


Agile provides a permanent boost to your attack speed, which is a highly powerful skill to have in this particular game. The very first upgrade increases your attack speed by 2%, and upgrades after that increase your attack speed by 1%. This can make Blades that much more blindingly quick, and it can make up for attack speed deficiencies with the Scythe.


This one is another oddly specific one. If you have the Inspire talent, you’ll regain health when you gain a level in the middle of a stage. For each upgrade level to Inspire, you’ll regain 100 more health when you level up. So for level 5 Inspire, you’ll regain 500 health when you gain a level in the middle of playing the game (not an overall player level).

Enhance Equipment:

This one is a bit less useful than some of the others, but is still good especially if you have Epic, Perfect Epic, or Legendary equipment. You gain 3% to your base equipment stats for each upgrade level that you have for Enhance Equipment. So if you have level 4 Enhance Equipment, that means you’ll get a 12% boost to your equipment stats.

Time Reward:

This talent unlocks an entirely new menu in Archero. You’ll see it pop up in the upper left corner of the main menu, and it will give you a new reward every hour consisting of either coins or upgrade scrolls. The higher your Time Reward level, the better your rewards will be overall.


Often you unlock this one at the beginning of the game. For Glory, you get to pick a power-up right at the beginning of a stage. This adds a bit of luck to the game because you get to pick one pwoer-up out of three possible power-ups, and the three that pop up are entirely randomized. This, unlike the others, has no possible upgrades to it. So once you unlock Glory, you have absolutely no chance of spinning for it again.

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