Army Clash: Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

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Army Clash is a new game for the iOS and Android where you engage in quick battles against rival armies, earn coins, and upgrade in order to get stronger and win easier. You can expand the size of your army’s grid, unlock new troops, and fight against tougher and tougher opponents.

You can build up from a small army to an extremely tough one, unlock rarer and more powerful troops, and change builds for even more strategy. Plus, you can open card packs for a chance at rarer and more powerful units.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Army Clash!

The battle happens automatically, except at the beginning, where you have to aim your army in the right direction in order to make the strongest impact possible. Aim at the red, while avoiding the yellow and orange.

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If you send your army into the red zone, you have a great shot at winning. If you send them into the yellow, you’ll almost certainly lose. If you end up in the orange area, you’ll have about a 50/50 chance of winning. This, of course, also depends on the strength of your army.

If you get off to a bad start, hit the reload button in the upper left corner of the screen. When you do, you’ll be able to start the battle back over from the beginning, without having to deal with any ads or any penalties from losing. You can reroll as many times as you want.

You have two upgrades that you can do to your army. The main one is unlocking a new troop, while the other one is adding another grid square. Don’t add grid squares until you need them due to new troops, but when you do need them, unlock them ASAP.

Once you start unlocking more troops besides soldiers, then you’ll need to strategize. Place your soldiers in the front so that they can absorb damage instead of letting the archers take it. Archers have long-range damage abilities, so place them in the back.

When you finish a battle, you’ll earn 10 coins for each troop that you kill. After you win a battle, you’ll spin automatically for a multiplier of up to 3x the amount of coins. You’ll also be able to watch an ad video in order to triple your coin earnings.

Usually, the ad video is not really worth it, since most of the time you won’t get any multipliers when you spin. If you spin for a 2x or 3x multiplier, though, watch an ad video on top of that, for either a total of 6x or 9x the coins that you earned.

You’ll only have one-star troops for awhile, but later on in the game, you’ll unlock two-star and higher troops. Keep beating levels to unlock two-star and higher troops.

Of course, if you want to speed things along a bit, you can make an in-app purchase for packs of level 4 and level 5 troops. Level 5 troops cost 15 dollars for three 5-star troops, and level 4 troops cost significantly less, making the level 4 troops the best deal out of all of them unless you are extremely far along in the game.

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    I have all my spaces filled and about more than half filled with max ranks. But the other spaces I have are filled with random levels and I can’t combine anymore. But I already have all my spaces. So what do I do now?


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