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Army Commander: Guide for Noobs, Pros, and Hackers –Tips, Cheats, Strategies, Dog Tags, Building the Statue, and More

Army Commander is a new iOS and Android game where you construct buildings, train troops, and then send them off to fight against the enemy. The game is level-based so the levels get tougher and tougher, requiring you to have more troops and better weapons, but you have plenty of silver and gold dog tags to give you currency to spend.

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Read on for some tips and tricks for Army Commander!

The gameplay is fairly straightforward, because the game shows you how to do everything. You construct buildings, wait for your troops to get trained, then launcher attacks on the opposing army. You continue to do this until the opposing army is completely defeated and you can capture their flag.

Whenever one of your own troops gets knocked off, a silver dog tag will appear in their place. Never one of the opposing troops gets knocked off, a gold dog tag will appear in their place. Silver dog tags allow you to build and upgrade your buildings and equipment, while gold dog tags allow you to level up.

You have various forms of artillery and smart bombs available to you in order to make short work of anime trips. However, you should use absolutely none of them. While they do make short work of opposing troops Carla you also will not earn as many silver dog tags as he would have otherwise earned, because your own troops are not facing any danger.

As you get further and further into the game, you will be able to build airports, artillery, and more ways to battle. Your air force is enabled only when you specify it. The same goes with your nuclear weapon.

Once you gain the maximum rank for the level that you’re at, all of your gold dog tags will instead be able to convert over to silver dog tags in order to upgrade your building, weapons, and other supplies. Another unique feature that pops up will be the ability to upgrade your statue. Upgrade it in the same way as you upgrade everything else, by giving it silver dog tags.

The statue on your base will be able to take a lot of silver dog tags, and will slowly fill in as you upgrade it to higher and higher levels. After a massive amount of upgrading, your statue will finally be complete, and each subsequent level will cost 20 silver dog tags instead of 10.

So what happens once your statue is complete? Absolutely nothing. The statue is purely cosmetic; it doesn’t do anything. The main thing that it’s good for is allowing you to dump your dog tags so your commander doesn’t have to carry a massive amount of them around after every other upgrade is purchased.

If you want to play the game without advertisements, then put your phone or tablet into airplane mode before you start the game. This can be rather inconvenient, though, because he won’t be able to send or receive calls or texts, and ads don’t pop up as often on this game as they do on other games.


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