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Arrow Ambush: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Arrow Ambush is a new puzzle strategy game for the iOS and Android platforms by Zoom Inc. In reality, it’s a lot like the game aa, but with a whole lot more levels, and is a little bit easier than the game it takes its influence from. Tap to “shoot” arrows at the targets, and make sure that the arrows don’t hit each other. Read on for some tips and tricks for Arrow Ambush!

Your goal in this game is to get rid of all of your arrows without having any of them hit each other. In order to do that, you have to shoot them as close to each other as possible, but without hitting each other. Squeeze them into the tightest spaces that you can, so that you can guarantee that you have enough room to make them all fit.

If you have one or two arrows left when you lose, you will get the chance to use a rebirth. If you run out of rebirths, you can buy more using the golden apple. Only if you are having a really hard time beating a stage should you use a rebirth, as they can be rare, and they can be a little bit tough to come by.

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If you want to get more golden apples quickly, and thus get more rebirths quickly, wait until you get to a stage where you can get golden apples. Collect all of the apples in the stage by firing arrows at them, then lose the stage intentionally and don’t use a rebirth. Repeat as often as you want to for the stage until you feel like you have enough apples. Then start winning again.

If you want to get rid of the annoying pop up ads, all that you have to do is turn your phone or tablet to airplane mode, or shut off the data and the wifi, because the ads need all that in order to load. If the ads get less annoying with the next update, then it’s recommended to stop using this method, as if ads aren’t annoying, best to leave them alone.

If you start to get frustrated with one level, then all that you have to do is go to the level select screen and go back to an old level and practice it again. This is especially useful if you want to go to a level that has a lot of golden apples, so that you can go and collect them again. Some levels have no apples, while others have up to three or four apples.